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What is a Megohmmeter?

have a new meter, and it goes to 11. It looks like an ohmmeter, and in a lot of ways it acts like an ohmmeter, and in fact, it is a type of ohmmeter, except it’s designed to measure resistance into the millions of ohms. Can your meter do that?

Ordinary ohmmeters and multimeters have much more limited range. For example, the specifications for my Fluke 323 multimeter say that the ohmmeter function has a range of up to 400.0W or 4,000W, depending on the setting. In the old days of analog meters, you had to select the range from a number of options, because these meters are more accurate in the higher end of the scale than in the lower end. That’s still the case for some digital meters but, today, most meters are autoranging, so you don’t have to worry about guessing which setting you should use. They still, however, have limited accuracy. I think the 323 will display resistance values higher than the given range but with very limited accuracy. And because it’s a digital meter, the resolution is given as 0.1 or 1, again depending on the setting. It also says it has an accuracy of 1% +/-5 digits.

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