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Technopolis: The Live Event Production Landscape

Johannes Itten, the Bauhaus art professor, was deeply interested in the use of color in art. In his book, "The Art of Color," he said, "The artists in stained glass used color to create a supramundane, mystical atmosphere which would transport the meditations of the worshipper to a spiritual plane." The modern day lighting designer uses artificial light and color in much the same way to transport the meditations of the concert-goer to another plane. 


Understanding how to bridge the gap between lighting technology and art to transcend the mundane is my all-consuming passion. If my background in electrical engineering taught me anything, it's that I don't want to waste any more time than is absolutely necessary reading tech notes and user manuals. For that reason I try to get in touch with my inner clown and let him entertain you while you are unwittingly learning about all things lighting. What I learned from working at High End Systems and Martin Professional is that you can't simultaneously be complacent and successful. I've also learned that you learn more by doing, so for those reasons I like to be immersed in lighting - writing, designing, writing some more, reading, programming, teaching, running a console, going to trade shows, listening, reading more, and - did I say writing?

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