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November 25, 2018

have a new meter, and it goes to 11. It looks like an ohmmeter, and in a lot of ways it acts like an ohmmeter, and in fact, it is a type of ohmmeter, except it’s designed to measure resistance into the millions of ohms. Can your meter do that?

Ordinary ohmmeters and mul...

July 27, 2018

I was once working on a film set when a feeder transformer began behaving badly. A supplier had dropped off a generator and the transformer, and after they were both connected and energized, but before any load was even connected, much less turned on, the transformer w...

November 23, 2015

One year ago today, 22-year-old Agustin Briolini was electrocuted during sound check at the Teatro del Sol in Carlos Paz, Argentina. In an instant, the life of a promising young musician was cut short. Never again would his family, friends, and fans have the simple ple...

October 30, 2015

It's happened again. Two more innocent musicians have been electrocuted this year after having committed the crime of touching a guitar and a microphone or another guitar at the same time. It has now happened twice this year and once last year.


On October 11, 2015, Adr...

September 28, 2015

Have you ever wondered whta's inside of a feeder transformer?


This one was humming loudly on a gig, so a technician was called out to investigate. Transformers can hum for different reasons. It could be caused by high harmonic loads, loose fittings, aging insulation, o...

September 25, 2015

I just spent a good chunk of the morning signing papers saying that I cannot disclose certain information about the gig I was about to work on. You know the drill. Before you can work on a show that you'd love to tell everybody about you have to promise not to tell any...

September 2, 2015


This is my buddy Dave Haluka. Dave has been struck by lightning four and a half times. The first time was when he was in high school and he was walking home through an open field. Out of the clear blue sky came a bolt of lightning that struck him, and for 12 hours h...

September 2, 2015

Long ago, someone had the brilliant idea to use a 19-pin round connector with 19-conductor cable for distributing power on truss, and the Socapex cable was born. Actually, Socapex is the brand of connector but everyone in the live event production industry calls it Soc...

July 15, 2015

If you want to have some fun, try taking some feeder cable and putting it in your oven. First warm up your oven to something like 175° or 200° F for about 15 minutes or so to make sure it’s nice and hot. Then toss in the cable and let it bake for, oh, I don’t know…How...

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June 22, 2019

November 25, 2018

November 24, 2017

September 25, 2015

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April 11, 2013

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